Do not take unnecessary risk – Protect Your PC

How to protect your computer without reducing performance

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First of all, no excuses – we all must be protected!
Even with 100% protection there is no 100% security – but without protection you have 0% security.
On the other hand there must be a balance between maximum protection and minimal harassment.

So we agreed that immediately after reading this article you will make your computer protected.
the are many Products on the market that are very good. some More some less, but your User Experience also depend on the settings and updates of the software.
Every day there are new viruses and spyware challenge. No way you will not get hurt, or hurt others if you are not protected.
you can’t even feel when you enter infected Internet site. in a fraction of a second you are infected. and start infect others that are not protected.

Sometimes the emails you receive might send you to an infected web site. beyond the risk to your computer with loosing all the information in it. Today there are risks even more painful.
Today spyware the nicer of them are just taking your computer resources to their jobs.
others the nasty ones – taking confidential data from your PC.
i can’t feel secure when someone is touring my PC. and take what ever he wants.
I do not think we should give up using our computer. Today it’s simply impossible to live with out Computer and Internet. it is more then a tool it is social media. So there is no choice but to put on a good defense mechanism.
that mean a security suite. So How to enjoy a good Security without losing performance.
First of all do not give permission to any software to control Your PC while you are working on it. You need to determine when the software takes updates. Of course the right time is when you have finished the work on the PC on that day.
The same is true for a full virus scan of your computer or even a partial virus scan. I think enough to perform a full virus scan once a week.
You can choose to set the security suite to do it manually or
automatic as your  PC is idle and you do not work on your computer.
Beyond that you should leave the system protection working all the time. so you can catch Threats who want to penetrate through the Internet, email, or other external storage.
So as those things you can control them and you do not feel that the protection works at all. Only when all of a sudden virus or any other Threats wants to enter into your computer. Or maybe when a full scan job is running you will find a quiet virus sitting in your PC pending to work when you execute it.
in the first time after installing a security software it Can be a bit disturbing and you’ll have to spend some time learning how to set the program.
of course you can Ask for help from the support. I even myself after many years working with computer systems, i am asking for help. Today there is help in chat it’s excellent.
So Here are links of some of the leading computer protection online web sites.

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