Following a case story of an experienced client that fell into virus trap.

One day I received an email supposedly from Amazon telling me thanks for my order and here is the details. Immediately I suspected that the email is infected virus that wants to persuade me to enter Fake virtual site and collect my Amazon account details. information like user name and password so they can then use them to buy things. I put the email aside.
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A few days later came the same email again. This time I thought to myself if it says you can remove me from the mailing list so, I will click on it and Get rid of these emails once and for all. Once I clicked on the removal ‘prefer not to receive mail click here’ few days of work gone lost. Although I had anti virus in my PC and probably the program recognized it as virus And display a massage ‘Could not clean the infected files’ do you want to delete them. I had no choice and agreed to delete the files. Thinking back I was rather block the emails after receiving the first email. checking the email Cautiously later i found that all the links on the page Directed to the same infected web site.

I performed a full scan to my computer and the software found several files were infected. Then I’ve restart the computer. After startup it took much longer than usual, and all kinds of Error messages appear on the screen. finally the PC came up but there was no network, I managed to get in safe mode – the first thing I said to myself i will do a system restore. but for some reason there was none system backup points. All the system restore points deleted. I was More angry It seems I fell hard.

My conclusion is that anyone who is not protected Perfect with an updated security program will Suffer painful blow from virus that caches you not ready and usually it Painful and leave significant damage to our data that We collected with Hard work in many years and all because Laziness to backup.

Do not take unnecessary riskProtect Your PC & Backup

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