Why Backup

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anybody that is working few years with computers has found himself in a situation where the computer broke down completely and all information on the PC was lost.
You could say that even today with high-quality computers – computers still break down at least once a year.
Today, as we work in online internet environment we are very vulnerable to infinite amount viruses that are looking for an opportunity to enter our computer and spoil it.

as we are using portable storage and transfer data to USB device such as MP3 player or PDA to and from our computer or to a friend’s computer, we are exposes to the danger of viruses or even software collisions that make our computer failures, and a loss of data.
So we understand that the information in our computer is unsafe so we must find a way to keep another copy of the content and important  information to us in another storage device or place.
is backup saves time or it’s a waste of time
How long it will take us to get back to work – after a computer failure
It took us years to accumulate all the tools that we have become accustomed to and set them to work right and comfortable for us.
I can say that I am working with over 100 PC tools in different areas most of which I use a lot.
if I have to take a blank computer and fill it back with all the tools I was working before the crash, and make it work as I want, it will take at least an entire day – that is at best a whole day. that means I would work only to return the other computer tools to work as the previous computer.
full Day I do not work on anything else. of course I assume we have copies of the software tools, serial numbers, etc.
how long I can back to work after a computer total loss.
If I have a image backup copy  it will take me maybe two hours to get back to work.
Is there such a thing like back up  without suffering
or background silence backup that is done without our attention.
we understand that we have to back up our computer in two ways, Image and data
the question is what kind of backup will serve us better without too much bothering or attention.
I have a backup model that suits me – everyone should choose a backup model that fits him and┬áhe feel comfortable using that model of backup over long time. I recommend you to subscribe to┬ámy mailing list┬áand maybe I will share more detail in the future with you on how I manage my backups┬ámy PC or my important information.
How to succeed with the backup without being harassed
Is my backup will help me if and when the computer crashes
You can not live thinking not positive – you better makes small experiments with backups to get a secure feeling of the backup system.
How much time the back up should  takes?
in my opinion I estimate that it should take no more than an hour a week per PC
I do not think that it is a lot of time -┬áthis does not include the time it takes to perform the backup itself. because you can do other jobs on that time.┬áit’s┬áthe time you need to concentrate┬áonly on the backup.
How to manage the backup and not let it manage me
Most of the time takes to prepare a backup for the first time – after we are prepared and know how and what to do, it is possible that all the backup will be done almost automatically without having to invest our time.
I think it is important to put the backup Job as part of our schedule. to allocate the time required on our diary.
I recommend doing it at times when not working on the computer. Or at the end of the day, or on when you do other things.
Do I as an individual with a computer have to backup?,
Am I as a student need to backup?
I think today when everything is digital – photos and videos, the content we’ve created – all must backup
My heart hurts to find hundreds of photos we have collected from trips and all kinds of events are lost, just because of our laziness.
How many backup copies is enough – 2
When is it enough backup and when it’s too much backup
Can I be relaxed?
I think that the backup has to meet reasonable cases that happen almost every year and not the paranoid concerns – such disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Or an earthquake 8 on the Richter scale, etc.
these events Do not happen maybe once in a lifetime person. And if such a thing happened to us a lot of other damage is bothering us before the computer lost.
What is a better backup – Online’ Offline – both
I think most of our backup can be done offline, However there are some very important pieces of information that will help us get back to work and can keep them backup away from our work place. such as online backup.
why not working only online?
Maybe it will be better at work to keep everything online and that everything will be online – as the cloud
theory suggest. the cloud philosophy is cool – but it requires very high Internet speed that not everyone has at the moment. I don’t think we are ready for it yet.
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