Do you really need a laptop or tablet will suite you enough

my friend told me she wants to purchase a laptop computer. maybe i can recommend her any particular brand.
I thought about it a little, and told her she should not buy a laptop or desktop computer
What she needs in computing and Internet would do an excellent with tablet computer only.
While laptops prices fell very much. they are still more than twice, three or four time expensive then tablet computer
But the price is not the main reason why she better buy a tablet than a laptop computer.
for the simple user laptop PC is more complicated, especially if you do not use most of the functions that only complicates and confuses.
Functions that most users are looking for are all in Android based tablet devices, like Internet browser, music player, movie player,
Showing pictures, even the tablet can replace photo-frame display images. And add to it countless free applications that you can download via Google Play Store
it is Very worth investing a little to learn how to get the most from your tablet. you can take android online course, or android video tutorial really simple and uncomplicated.
Especially suitable for basic users who just want to enjoy Internet connectivity. like search the Internet for knowledge Read emails, post status or Browse Facebook..
Find information about ideas that come to mind while watching TV.
Relatively the tablets are lightweight about 500 grams and less.
the popular sises you can choose from 7 inches to 10 inches. the 10″ size advantage enjoy a bigger picture and other heavier and more need for battery
the advantage of the Small 7-8 inch tablet is a lightweight and compact to carry anywhere with it. if this the only device that you use i recommends the 10 inch.
So if you want to save time and get results immediately, don’t waist your time on things that you don’t really need and will not use them. go for the tablet instead of laptop or desktop computer, and enjoy and have fun as much as possible.