10 ways to get results Faster.
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two partners thought of a great marketing idea, They create a good business plan. according to their calculations based on the additional two new customers each day at a cost of $400 each client per year, they could earn additional income of minimum $17,600 per month based on 22 days per month. Sound good?
it is a dream of every marketer recurring payment. 211,200$ per year and growing from only 1 stream of income.
On paper everything looks promising. They split the work. One has to bring new customers and the other partner will perform the technical work. did they able to reach their goal?
It turned out that the one that had to bring new customers thought it was really easy. But he did not really like this job of marketing and sales. Apparently he was not so well at this work and didn’t knew how to do it right, so it would be easy for him. So instead of two new clients a day they managed to bring only two new clients in the first month.
In short, they made some mistakes in evaluating the time that the task should take.
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