How the backup saved me time and grief

It always a surprise when it happens – one day you say well let see how is my blog. You write down the address on your browser
and Instead of reaching the site you get a massage to reinstall wordpress. Or ‘Error establishing a database connection
if you have a backup file you are lucky otherwise i don’t envy you.
if only partial data was disrupted you could recover from the Blog Management Interface.
However, if all data was Lost it’s not possible to do anything from the blog administrative interface at all.
Becouse in my case all the data was lost I needed to work from
the Management interface of My storage company, via MySql phpMyAdmin
so I imported the data from the backup file and I’ve restored all data so i could go back to work.
I can not think how I would feel if I had to create all the content again.

Do not take unnecessary risk – Protect Your PC & Backup

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