How To Backup Emails in Notime

One of the most common means of communication and most convenient today is the email. You can use web based email like G mail or you can use a software and receive through the mail box from your storage company or any other email service company that offers you free email.

For some people like me, it is important to keep a copy of the emails that i send or receive. I highly recommend Google’s mail (G mail). What’s nice about this service is that you have a free backup email system that done automatically. G Mail let You get your e-mail using desktop systems such as Outlook or Outlook Express or any other desktop email software using POP3 protocol. Yet you can also keep a copy on the google server. That’s what I do. Once a week I visit gmail via the web and move the mail from the inbox except spam to a archive folder. So basically I have 2 copies without almost effortlessly. You can of course make a backup of each of the folders.

There are also programs that know how to backup mail like G-mail. And of course if you have a backup system you can make a backup of the  outlook one file containing all mails and address book. you can Follow the instructions of the backup system you are woking with how to back up e-mail.

I recommend that you back up the complete email file. It is more simple and faster, but you better choose what more simple for you.
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