I first delved into the world of anti virus software when my PC went on the fritz a few years back. I couldn’t understand what the darn thing was doing. It was virtually nonfunctional in every way. It drove me insane. All I needed was to complete a mid-term, but the computer wouldn’t allow it. After going berserk, I call my brother who is a computer technician. He smirked and told me that I probably had a virus. He asked if I had tried an anti virus check. Before I new it, he had located the virus and was trying to contain it. This will basically keep it separate from your computer, then hopefully it can be completely removed.

Computer viruses are all over the place. Probably the most likely source of infection is your own email. You always have to be careful what you open. It could be a virus. Luckily many of our email service providers have a standard anti virus check as part of there program. This way the email will be scanned before you open any downloads. If you think your computer may be infected with a virus, check and see if you already have anti virus software installed. If you do, run a standard anti virus check. You can set these to run as often as you like. This way you ensure your computer of avoiding all viruses.

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