Do you constantly feel like you are at a loss for where the time has gone? I know this happens to me all of the time, and that usually means something did not get done. I always feel that I should have the time to do all that I need, but for some reason, nothing seems to get done. This was always the case for me, and still is to some point, but I do get more done now (as I feel I should) because I have found some good ways to go about time management. With some simple solutions, this can be easy for you as well.

My mom spent time each day making a list of all that she needed to do that day or even that week. I always thought this was a waste of time, but in the end she always got things done. This was simply because she could visually count what she had to do and what was most important. I didnÔÇÖt bother with the lists, and even though I tended to have more energy, I did not get all of my stuff done – ever. That meant to me that this simple form of time management was something that I should start doing. When I do it, it works wonders.

Other forms of time management may be a bit more complicated, but they tend to work on the same principle as the list. You can segment your day with a daily planner so that you can account for all of the things you have done and all of the time that you have spent doing them. This is a more detailed list, but some need this. If I find that I become more and more scatterbrained, and have so much more to do, I may very well have to go out and get a daily planner so that I can keep things straight.

If you are having problems with time management at work, you may have a bigger problem with which you have to deal. That means you may want to get some professional advice about managing time. You should think about finding good books and other resources that help you deal with time management issues that come up for you each day. These books are written by those that have great success with helping others get moving when there seem to be more and more things to do, and less time to do them.